Born to travel -             forced to work...

Like nearly everyone who loves to travel we always had the same problem: our work did not allow us to spend long periods of time on our travels. After having both worked more than 30 years we now decided to have a break and allow some time for ourselves, knowing that after our Panamerican Tour we will have to carry on working for many more years...


I´m Dieter, 49 years old, economist, was born in Southern Germany and have lived in the Málaga area of Southern Spain for the last 20 years, working in the hotel business.


My wife Karen, 50 years old, secretary, was born in Dublin, and lived for several years in Wexford, Ireland, and has also lived for over 30 years in Spain.


Apart from travelling, we are both animal lovers and really enjoy trips on our motorbike, so now we want to combine these three things and hope you will enjoy sharing our experiences and our journey along the Panamerican Highway with us.


We would love to hear from you so feel free to contact us by email, also if you prefer in other languages as although this website is mainly in English, we both also speak Spanish, German and a little French.



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